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In 1941, Sample's Shipyard built wooden warships for the U.S. Government. By the end of World War II, Sample's had launched twelve 136' minesweepers and six 165' salvage tugboats. In 1958, the government commissioned three 145' minesweepers, four 171' minesweepers and twelve 63' aircraft rescue boats.

Our story begins in 1869 during the economic boom accompanying the Industrial Revolution.  Originally the Townsend Marine Railway, the shipyard was subsequently renamed the Atlantic Coast Company in 1917 and turned out six four-masted schooners between 1918 and 1920.

During the 1980s the yard continued to haul and maintain large vessels. Clients included the Coast Guard, U.S. Government and private yacht owners.

Army Navy

Not lightly bestowed or easily won, the Army-Navy "E" burgee, instituted in 1906, was awarded to the shipyard in 1942 by Under Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable James Forrestal, for its outstanding contribution to and in recognition of its exceptional performance during wartime production.


In 2004, the yard was sold and renamed. The Boothbay Harbor Shipyard crew has restored the 100-year old NY-30 ALERA, Hull #1 by Nathaniel Herreshoff, designed and constructed the new passenger schooner VALORA and was selected as the builder of a new replica of the historic Jamestown Settlement ship DISCOVERY that was launched in December 2006 for America's 400th Anniversary. We are proud of our continued commitment to the skills and traditions that are integral to Maine's maritime history and have been offered as services at this location since 1869.


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