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Eric Graves

Eric Graves-  President

Eric is responsible for Business and Project Management, Design, Estimates, and Customer Relations.  Following a passion for the Marine Industry, Eric obtained a Bachelor of Technology degree as a Marine Engineer nd Boat Builder working on everything from systems engineering and computer aided design for Navy destroyers to the hands-on construction of wood composite sailboats.  As owner and Principal of Cross Point Yachts, Eric is a provider of boat designs, construction, and restoration services.  The father of three boys, Eric is an active youth team sports coach, and enjoys sailing, fishing and anything to do with the Ocean.


Todd Kosakowski

Todd Kosakowski- Project Manager

Project Manager, Todd Kosakowski has been with Boothbay Harbor Shipyard since 2006. Since then, he has been a Shipwright and Project Manager on new builds and restorations ranging from large Traditional Sail Training Ships to Aluminum Mega Yachts. After attending the State University of NY, he then dedicated his life and career to Sailing and Vessel Construction beginning in 2000. After years of Yachting, Cruising, and Traditional Sail Training he attended The Apprenticeshop in Rockland Maine and focused on both traditional boatbuilding and computer aided design of yachts. When not in the yard, he can be found cruising and racing with his family in a 1951 Rhodes Sloop that he restored.

Jim Jones BBHShipyard 

Jim Jones- Shipwright

When it comes to a true Mainer, Jim Jones comes to mind. Jim was a boat builder's son who grew up in East Boothbay and now works for Boothbay Harbor Shipyard. His shipbuilding days started as an apprentice at his father's shipyard, where they built small pleasure and lobster boats. Many children in Maine wait for that treasured "snow day" in order to get a day off of school, but Jim waited for the "steam bent frame day". Occasionally, that perfect day would come around when Jim's father would need help with the frame timbers, which came out of the steam box and Jim got the day off to help him.

Jim got his boat building skills by apprenticing with his father and later taking over his father's shipyard. Boothbay Harbor Shipyard was lucky to employ Jim with his calm demeanor and knowledgeable boatbuilding skills. When Jim is not in the shipyard, he enjoys fly-fishing at his camp near the Forks in northern Maine. He often catches salmon but brook trout are his favorites. He also enjoys spending time gardening and making maple syrup.
 Larry Colcord Larry Colcord- Projects
  Nattie Wilson- Sales and Marketing
  Joe Jackimovicz, Yard Foreman



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